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Yoga Will Change My Life


Who We Are

Witnesses of Yoga's Power to Change

We at Yoga Will Change My Life have all personally experienced significant positive changes in health, well-being, and personal growth after starting to practice yoga.  When something has been this helpful to us, we can't help but want to share it with everyone.


What We Do

How we make a difference with Yoga

Sharing evidence with the global community about the benefits of yoga and meditation is our first priority. Motivation to try yoga comes from understanding the potential it has to create change and open up new possibilities.

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We have seen the biggest changes happen when people work with the best teachers directly.  We help connect the people who need yoga with the right teachers.

The more people who are inspired to share yoga and meditation the better, especially when they are empowered with the wisdom of individually applied ways that get the best results. We sponsor scholarships that help teachers get there.


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