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Success Stories








This scholarship allowed me to feel empowered for the first time in my life. This helped me find my purpose and I don't know where I'd be without it.

- Siobhan, Yoga Teacher Certification Recipient

I live in South Africa where 50% of our youth is unemployed and it's hard to earn a salary. This certification allows me to teach yoga online and it has been life changing.

- Christiaan, Yoga Teacher Certification Recipient

Image by Ian MacDonald


I now dedicate my life to the practice of yoga and meditation. It is what keeps me sober and sincerely happy. What I want to do now is to give back what has changed my life. I want to become a Yoga Therapist to give the gift of healing back to my fellow veterans, addicts and anyone who is struggling in life.

- Carley, Yoga Teacher Certification Recipient

Image by JD  Mason

With this scholarship, I was able to both heal my body and share this gift with others that are hurting and need an outlet. 

- Ashley, Yoga Teacher Certification Recipient

Shortly after I began teaching, I joined a non-profit organization that helps those affected by Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. I was so grateful to lead yoga for their Survivor was like everything that happened help me get to this place.

- Brooke H., Yoga Teacher Certification Recipient

Image by Annie Spratt
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